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Name:8411 type electricities move to flap the machine of griddle
DesThat machine can go together with the square pore, circle pore standard griddle of each specification, is an essential equipments in laboratory, a griddle from 20 eyes to 325griddle choose at will.
Name:planets speediness grind machine
DesXM-4planets speediness grind machine500g2250g2
Name:speediness grind machine
DesThat machine is a kind of speediness, the ideal laboratory that save time grind equipments. Run smoothly, do not need to set up , can place at will to run them.
Name:Vacuum mud-making machine
DesThe equipment mainly applicable to the mining industry ceramics industry, scientific research institutes and institutions of higher learning as a training laboratory soil use.
Name:The SB hand move type liquid inhibits the kind machine
DesIt is extensive to used for the porcelain and ceramics, building materials, chemical engineering...etc. professional laboratory, the operation is simple and save energy.
Name:Jaw crusher
Name:porcelain bottle whets the machine
DesThat machine is an ideal equipments that porcelain and ceramics, chemical engineering industry laboratory is thin to whet
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