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Home > Products > thermal conductivity tester > DRL - II Thermal conductivity tester(thermal current law)
DRL - II Thermal conductivity tester(thermal current law)
DRL - II Thermal conductivity tester(thermal current law)
  DRL - II Thermal conductivity tester(thermal current law)'detail





This instrument mainly tests thin heat conductor, solid electric insulating material, heat conduction resin, oxidizes the beryllium porcelain, oxidizes coefficient of ceramic heat conduction such as the aluminium porcelain to determine. The instrument consults the standard: MIL-I-49456A (insulating stretch of material, heat conduction resin, thermal conductance glass are strengthened finely); GB 5598-85 (oxidize beryllium porcelain heat conduction coefficient and determine the method); D5470-95 (the test standard of performance that thin thermal conductance solid electric insulating material conducts heat),etc.. Apply to large and medium universities and colleges extensively, R&D institution, quality testing department and material for producing factory analyze that measures.

main parameter

1.Sample size: Φ 30mm;

2.Sample thickness: 0.02-10mm;

3Temperature range: 40-100 , can reach as high as 300 ;

4.Vacuum degree: -0.09MPa;

5.Connect to the location machine and realize the automatic test of the computer, realize the data are printed and exported.

6Power: 220V/50HZ;

7 Test the range: 0015-45W/m• k;

 8. Test the precision: Superior to 3%;


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